Show Room Maize Milling Machine In Africa

240Tons Maize Mill Plant in Kitwe, Zambia 

This 240tons per 24 hours maize milling plant is running in Kitwe.

This company is held by Choma Milling.

It can produce a very good quality breakfast meal and roller meal. which are very popular in the local market. and brings very high profits for customers.

This maize plant is running for more than 2 years without any problem.

So the customer is very happy and can allow others to visit his factory for inspecting the running maize mill machines.

You can visit our 240t/24h maize mill machine running in Kitwe, to see the machine quality and final product quality.

You can get good quality breakfast meal and roller meal to make Nshima.


---In the southern province, we have another 240t/24h maize milling plant in Choma.

---In the western province, we have 150t/24h maize flour milling machines for HMM Company in Mongu.

---In the northern province, we have a 150-170t/24h maize grinding machine for CMF Milling Ltd in Mbala.

---APG Milling also has our 3000t silo and machines, etc.

150Tons Maize Flour Milling Plant In Kenya

Showroom in Kenya for 150tons per 24 hours maize flour mill is running in Nairobi. It is Goldleaf Company.

It produces the sifted maize meal and super white maize flour. they are very good for making Ugali.

This maize plant is running for more than 5 years without any problem.

High profit and the own cost in 1 year.



---In Nairobi we have a 140t/24h maize milling plant for Kabansora Millers.

    150tons maize plant for Goldleaf.

     50tons maize mill plant for Roy Millers.

---In Thika, 50tons maize processing line there.

---In Mombasa, 50tons maize flour mill, so many 30tons maize machines there etc.

Show Room in Zimbabwe For Maize Milling Machines

Zimbabwe 90tons per 24 hours maize milling production line for producing maize mealie, maize meal, maize flour, and maize grits in Gweru.

This 90tons per day maize processing line was bought in 2017. Running very well without any problem.

and we also do the super after-sales service for milling machines.

In this year, the customer bought 300tons maize milling plant and 120tons maize flour mill line from our Hongdefa.


---In Harare, we have a 120t/24h flour milling machine. 50tons maize machine. 30tons maize production line.

---In Bulawayo,  3 sets of 100tons maize flour grinding line there, etc.

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